Quotes from V. Howard

1) Examining the doubts we have about our present way is a highly intelligent act.

2) Anyone weary of stumbling in the dark has taken the first step toward walking in the light.

3) The one supreme power that will guarantee personal happiness is personal right thinking.

4) Inner light shows you what to do with yourself all day long, making everything comfortable.

5) Acquired beliefs and cosmic facts are as different as pebbles and diamonds.

6) Please people and you achieve nothing, but please your real self and you start a miracle.

7) Feel the need for something different, then let it grow by having affection for it.

8) Cosmic wisdom reveals why unhappy events happen, after which they cease to happen.

9) You are not required to listen to anyone, who demands, “What are you doing about my

10) Even if all your friends and relatives do not know how to live rightly, you can surely know.

11) No one is more qualified than you to discover the true treasures of your inner kingdom.

12) The very nature of your essence is confidence, so why seek this virtue outside of essence?

13) Freedom from painful decisions is a happy result of discovering who you really are.

14) Truth has its reasons for acting as it does, and every one of them is for your benefit.

15) Calm command can replace agitation as surely as sunshine can replace a storm.

16) All good things come to anyone who refuses to be intimidated by his own despair.

17) By eliminating the sheep in himself, a man gives psychic wolves nothing to prey upon.

18) Welcome higher facts without understanding them and in time you will understand.

19) Truth does not hurt, rather, it is our resistance to its message that causes pain.

20) When a frantic world tries to carry you away, remind yourself that you need not go.

21) Self-knowledge creates an inner state in which you are valuable to yourself in a new way.

22) The feeling of being in danger from oneself fades with the application of higher facts.

23) Be aware of how people insist upon draining your energy, then quietly refuse it.

24) Heartache can be conquered because a higher part of you is free and apart from heartache.

25) It is a bright day when we see that cosmic facts are as practical as a recipe for baking bread.

26) Reflect often on the interesting idea of getting out of your own way.

27) We attract events which correspond to our nature, so a higher nature will attract higher

28) One thing that is always right is your eagerness for something higher than yourself.

29) Most people merely rearrange their problems, but with self-insight you can end them.

30) By seeing what we fear to see we shatter one of the pillars supporting the haunted house.

31) Wrong action in the past is corrected perfectly by right action in the present.

32) Self-concern is caused by living from mere ideas, which is cured by living from essence.

33) Real courage consists of departing from the false while not yet knowing what is true.

34) We learn to love the light by seeing clearly what the darkness does to us.

35) One day you will look calmly at a fear and say to it, “You have shaken me for the last time.”

36) We can either hear what we want to hear or we can hear the rescuing truths.

37) Starting now, never again permit hard or disapproving facial expressions to intimidate you.

38) A quiet mind knows the answer, which means we must cease to fight anxiously for the

39) Living from your real nature is the same as doing something worthwhile with your life.

40)    If  you are now reading this line, you have a rich opportunity to make everything new.

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