The Newest Sexual “Disease” ISD

"Not tonight, dear."   That's the common way of expressing a low libido.  Now there's a clinical name for it:  inhibited sexual desire ISD, which simply means sex does not turn you on. How can you tell if ISD is serious?  "Time is the key," explains behavioral therapist Debora Phillips.  If you haven't been "in the … Continue reading The Newest Sexual “Disease” ISD

Six Tips for Buying Shoes

"Many people don't know how to buy shoes."  says Norman Klombers, D.P.M. "Most women buy them to please their eyes, not their feet, with thin soles that offer little to no protective cushions." Here's what you need to know. Allow a thumb's width between the end of the big toe and the tip of the … Continue reading Six Tips for Buying Shoes


Before you rush off to have 50 copies of your resume typeset, take some time to clear your head and do some rational thinking, says Dr. Weinstein.  "Evaluate the situation; think of what you could do differently at work, where you could expand."  He has some other tips you should consider before you decide to … Continue reading ADIOS OR NOT?

Expand your Eating Awareness

"If we expand our awareness about eating, we can take care of 99% of digestive problems," says Deepak Chopra, M.D., an endocrinologist in Stoneham, Massachusetts, and author ofCreating Health. Dr, Chopra recommends the following good eating policies. Whenever you're going to eat or drink-even if it's just a peanut or a swig of juice - put … Continue reading Expand your Eating Awareness

The Seven Best Disease Fighters

Develop these 7 healthy habits today to help prevent disease tomorrow. Pass up the butter and other fats.  Low-fat meals help fight breast, ovarian and colon cancer. Shed excess weight.  It helps avoid diabetes, heart disease and varicose veins. Exercise regularly.  Regular weight bearing exercise helps prevent osteoporosis, the brittle bone disease that strikes 1 … Continue reading The Seven Best Disease Fighters