Is Sex a foundation of Youth?


Is sex a fountain of youth? The latest research would indicate so. Swedish scientists found that sexually active older people are more vital, have higher levels of sex hormones in the blood and have better memories than their celibate counterparts.

These scientists found out what older people already knew. In another study called the Starr-Weiner Report, 800 men and women age 60 to 91 were interviewed. In the 60-79 age group 97 percent said sex was a crucial part of their lives. For those older, 93 percent said it was crucial. This data strongly suggests, reports gerontologist Bernard D. Starr, Ph.D., co-author of the Starr-Weiner Report on Sex and Sexuality in the Mature Years. “that not only are older people indeed interested in sex, they also think about it, desire it, and engage in it when they can, with the same average frequency. That [sex researcher] Kinsey reported for his 40-years-olds.”

But if you are one of the seniors sitting on the sidelines, it’s never too late to get in the game. “It’s possible to continue enjoying sex forever,” says Dr. Starr. “You already have the equipment, all you need is a little mental preparation.”

First, don’t try to compare with your younger sexual self. Understand that it may take you a little longer to become aroused.

Second, get rid of the “musts”—You must have an erection, you must have an orgasm, you must have a young body. Think of sex as a process without trying to reach specific goals. Many older adults have learned, notes Dr. Starr, that “the completion of the sexual act is the desired dessert, but the meal is also satisfying.”


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