The Newest Sexual “Disease” ISD

“Not tonight, dear.”   That’s the common way of expressing a low libido.  Now there’s a clinical name for it:  inhibited sexual desire ISD, which simply means sex does not turn you on.

How can you tell if ISD is serious?  “Time is the key,” explains behavioral therapist Debora Phillips.  If you haven’t been “in the mood” for a long time, she says, you may want to see a sex or marital therapist to help you deal with any underlying psychological problems that may be causing your problem.  Short-term therapy is usually all it takes to restore arousal.

Most of the time though, ISD is a sudden situational event, which can be traced to one of the following causes.

  • Emotional stress
  • Marital conflicts
  • Childbirth
  • Loss of love for your partner
  • Illness or medications
  • Drinking drugs
  • Inadequate sexual stimulation
  • Hormonal changes.

The good news is that a weak sex drive can usually be strengthened once these factors are resolved.


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