Before you rush off to have 50 copies of your resume typeset, take some time to clear your head and do some rational thinking, says Dr. Weinstein.  “Evaluate the situation; think of what you could do differently at work, where you could expand.”  He has some other tips you should consider before you decide to leave your job.
  • Find new ways to contribute at work.  What can you do to make your job more interesting?
  • Ask for feedback from your boss and co-workers.  You may be under-estimating how well others view your performance.
  • Look into areas of possible future growth.  Is there room for a possible promotion?
  • Don’t neglect interests outside of work.  Find activities that give you satisfaction and enjoyment.
  • Lessen exposure to stressful aspects of the job by changing the format of your day.  For example, if your job requires extensive phone work, set aside 2 hours of each day for paperwork to give yourself a breather.
  • Schedule personal time.  This could be one day a week or an hour a day to do with you as you please.

Don Barone

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